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Drainage Pre and Post Surgery

Are you planning to have liposuction and/or corrective surgery for lipoedema or a 'tummy tuck'. (abdominoplasty), following weight loss? We can help with the results.

Pre surgical drainage will ensure the fat is more motile to provide more aesthetic and positive.results. Recommended X 2 sessions before the planned procedure.

Post surgical, it is, unfortunately, common to develop seromas. This is a collection of haemoserous fluid which can slow down the healing progress.

Treatment for both will be by Deep Oscillation Therapy and Lympatouch. Both therapies endorsed and regulated here in the UK.


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Dee found her natural talent of connecting with people with swelling and painful limbs. She has specialised in the management of swelling since 2011 and devotes her time to actively listening to patients' concerns and providing individualised treatments for each and every person.